Copy the executable into your VLC installation directory.


  1. open the command line
  2. navigate to your VLC installation directory
  3. call simpleplay [path to VLC playlist (.xspf)]

  1. press the WINDOWS button on your keyboard
  2. type cmd and press RETURN
  3. type cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC" and press RETURN
  4. type simpleplay "C:\Users\DunkelRot\Music\PlayLists\myplaylist.xspf"

Plays all tracks from the playlist with a 4 second (default value) pause between each track.


Note that the first option MUST be the playlist file!

--pause [number]
Sets the pause between each track

After reading of the playlist file the player waits for the user to press <enter> or <return>


The VLC installation includes the required lib ..\VLC\sdk\lib\libvlc.lib and include files ..\VLC\sdk\include

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